The Best Example of Alternative Agriculture: Soilless Strawberry Cultivation

Strawberry, which grows without soil in strawberry greenhouse system, is fascinating. It contains plenty of mineral substances such as A, B, C vitamins, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

Strawberries grown in a floating greenhouse system are fascinated by strawberries

Strawberry is a kind of delicious and fragrant fruit which can be consumed both as an industry and fresh. It contains plenty of minerals such as vitamins A, B, C, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Strawberries can be consumed by deep freezing for a long time because it is a fruit desired by the consumer. production is taking place. It is not possible to enter any pests from outside. With this method, pristine, high-quality and fragrant, aroma is produced high strawberries.

In addition, the shelf life of the strawberry produced is also long. Because the labor force is waterless by saving labor, the product is not infected. Therefore, this type of crop cultivation is classified as a good agricultural practice. Non-soil strawberry cultivation is carried out mostly in Anamur and Silifke districts of Mersin and Gazipa┼ča district of Antalya.

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