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Most of us, especially women, we love to walk in jewelry stores, especially wristbands are the sine qua non of us. Sometimes, when we want to buy a bracelet, we cannot say imiz this is it Bazen, we may not find the wristband we want. The other accessories and clothes we plan to use with him in that moment he imagines and olmas I wish there was no color here, imizi he says and can stop giving. Wouldn’t it be super if we would do it ourselves instead of going through a shop to put on the wristbands of the colors and shapes we wanted and transform the design of jewelry into a hobby? We have a wide range of possibilities to design wristbands from rope, beads, sand beads, rubber, fabrics and old clothes, leather, knitting, macromas, zipper. I’ll try to give you some practical examples of some examples of bracelet making.

I would like to tell you about the bracelet sets. What I might need, let me get one by one, relieves you of these sets and it is quite pleasant to start with. There are many colors in the bands, the tires are located in different sizes of knitting crochet. When the narratives are watched, it is easy and enjoyable to make a game that turns into a game that turns out to be a colorful game that you can do at home with your girls.

If we list the types of bracelet making according to the material you will use;

Sand Bead Bracelet Making

Sand beads are tiny beads you see in many haberdashery, they are used in needlework.

Materials for making this bracelet:

Large size 70-80 pieces of sand beads (in any colors)
Jewelry rope (also called waxed rope)
A small button for the tip

Cut two pieces of 25-30 cm in size, from the wax cord that you get in the color you want.
Hold the ropes by holding a ring (to make a hole in the size of the button) and knot.
We have four pieces of rope right now and we need three pieces for knitting, so cut off a piece of rope from the bottom.
Knit a few cm with three pieces of rope, then place a sand bead on the left and right ropes and repeat your process in each loop.
When you finish adjusting the beaded knit at one point, re-fabricate a few cm of plain fabric.
Finally, knit the button on the rope. Check that the button is released for the first time.
And our bracelet is ready, my favorite naive simple minimal-looking bracelet model is as simple as that.

Bead Bracelet Making

I guess this is the simplest model bracelet shape that everyone can comfortably do.

Materials for making this bracelet:

Fishing line

There are countless models of color glass and plastic in different sizes and eye-catching beads. By making the choices that are completely arbitrary, we first pass the thread on the line of the needle that you pass to the needle.
You can then attach ribbons, miniature shaped metals, chains between them, which can string the beads respectively.

Leather Bracelet Making

The leather bracelets are one of the indispensable accessories for women in their men’s bracelet productions that do not age, are not subject to color fashion after years.

Materials for making this bracelet:

Leather ropes
Button, a metal ornament material, an old rosette or any of the brooch
Nylon rope

If you want to take the leather rope (about a meter will be enough, we’ll cut the rest already), metal accessories, old brooches, badges, accessories, such as one of the middle of the point we spend.
Then we knit a knot.
We take the nylon thread from our needle to the right end of the knot and we knot a piece of leather several times, you can shorten the remaining nylon rope with a lighter by cutting it or you can cut it from the bottom with scissors.
After passing through a skin rope, we put one bead on our needle, the other skin is sewn through the rope, so we get the bead in the middle of the two.
To fix the bead together, we make a stitch through the hole of the bead. Then how we want the frequency of the knee, the second bead is going to repeat the same process. According to our wrist we can determine the number of beads can be sewed larger or smaller beads.
After the bead sewing is done, we throw a knot from where it ends, one node next to one finger and then another knot. We cut the remaining rope. At the end of these knot intervals, we placed the metal ornament material, button, badge, brooch for the loop we serve as a loop and we are wearing our bracelet with this occasion.

Rope Bracelet Making

You can make a wide variety of wristbands with macrame ropes which are made in schools in our childhood.

Materials for making this bracelet:

Macrame threads in any color
Beads or stones if you want to put them between them

First, we start by folding a macrame rope in the middle, we will leave a space as much as a button or stone to put on the other end because it will be a closing hole.
If you wish to move more comfortably, you can secure this folded rope with a band.
Then we take our second macrame rope, with which we begin to make first and folded macromesized knots. You can place beads or stones in the frequency you want and move your wrist length in this way.
At the far end, we’re knitting a bead or stone that will act as the key to our first loop, that’s all!

Zipper Bracelet Making

A great idea that you can evaluate your spoiled zippers, making zipper bracelets.

Materials for making this bracelet:

Ropes in the color you want
Clip for tips

In one zipper you know that there are two parts; we separate these two parts by cutting the fabric.
After twisting the ropes between the teeth, we are knotting and we cut a few cm of rope.
We put our clips on these ropes.
If you wish, we can combine multiple zipper wristbands with a wide, multi-rope clip and we can get a multi-bracelet.
These bracelet models will be used to make them or give them to your relatives. Don’t forget to visit here for wristband sets to make your work easier!

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