Top 10 Walking Nike Shoes of the Season

A great exercise that everyone can do without requiring exercise is our answer to your pattern. With the right walking shoes and a comfortable outfit, everyone can do it without any special equipment. In the lush nature, in the park, in the streets of the city or by the sea in You can do this anywhere you want according to the characteristics of your current city. Moreover, at least 2 days a week 45-minute light-paced walks can open the door to a healthy and long life. It is very important to get a good tempo on the walk. In brisk walks, the body begins to burn fat after the first 20 minutes, the body heats up and the toxins are excreted from the body through sweat, the blood circulation will accelerate, the cheeks become pink and your skin will grow. When the sport is over, you will feel a great relief both in the hormonal and the mind. In short, walking is a great sport.

Before going to our list of the best hiking shoe models of the season, let’s talk a little about the sport of walking, and the subtleties of choosing walking shoes. In the meantime, check out our list of top 10 running shoes;)

How to Choose a Walking Shoe

Walking is a set of linear movements. In other words, your foot starts from the heel until the tip of the finger touches the ground and the foot moves forward. It does not include lateral movements such as walking, basketball. For this reason, the shoe you wear should be suitable for the walk, you should feel the flex from the heel. Wrong shoes put extra weight on the feet, adversely affect both the foot and leg health and cause a cool sport such as walking.

You have to sit on your feet!
It is important for the shoe to wrap your foot in the walking shoes. However, when you think about wrapping the feet, you should definitely not have a tight shoe. We’re talking about an area where your toes can move. This must be the area. Because as soon as you step, the foot comb expands each time and needs a comfortable space.

Choose shoe sole with cushioning
Walking is a sport that begins at the heel. For this reason, a good cushioning system must be on the heel. The longer you step, the more pleasure you will get from walking.

Flexibility is the sine qua non of walking shoes; just like in running shoes. The foot should be able to move freely when in contact with the floor. Walking with a very hard base, inflexible shoe causes incredible pains and prevents you from walking long. You should take care to have stretching grooves in the shoes you will get. If you don’t have these grooves, your shoe isn’t stretching.

Low heels
The heel of walking shoes is not like running shoes. As the acceleration is in the foreground, the heel is higher than the nose part and it supports the forward movement. We can’t say the same for walking. The walking shoes have a slight slope.

Yürüyüş Choose shoes made for walking and running. It is not right to walk with a shoe that is only produced as running shoes. Sadece

A heavy walking shoe makes you feel as if you are carrying a load of weight on your feet. If you want to experience an efficient sports experience, you should be careful when choosing shoes.

Breathable outer layer
Your feet will warm up and sweat as you walk. If the walking shoe is not breathable, your socks will be in water and your foot will be heavy. The negative effect is not only that. When you take off your shoes, be prepared for the smell of sharp feet. It is a breathable outer layer walking shoe you need to increase your walking pleasure. If you have such a shoe, your feet will come into contact with air and your feet will remain dry as you walk.


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